Ratings and Reviews you can trust

RatingChamp lets customers post genuine reviews about your service. This brings you two main benefits: you get valuable feedback about your services, and you get an accolade that speaks of the quality of your services in a trustworthy, transparent way.

Performance optimized solution for customer reviews

RatingChamp is built to improve the customers trust in a clear and measurable way. This significantly increases the conversion rates and cart value of your online store.

Convince yourself with our FREE package

Get to know us with our free "Small" package. Test our solution yourself, before you have to spend any money on our service! We are sure to provide the one of the best solutions when it comes to E-Commerce reviews.

Try it now risk-free

We stand by the quality of RatingChamp and we know you will love the service. This is why we offer a 30-day trial period in which you can test our services without any obligation or cost.

Why you should use RatingChamp

ratingchamp - real ratings. Really good.

RatingChamp provides your shop

  • Review widget
  • An easy way to collect reviews

This will:

  • increase conversion rates
  • increase the average order value
  • give you valuable feedback of you customers

How does RatingChamp work

Your customer makes a purchase

Whenever your customer purchases a product or service in your online store, a notification is sent to our service automatically. The notification includes for example the name, email address and order of the customer.

We ask the customer for a review

After a certain period of time that you can configure yourself (e.g.2 days after shipment of goods), we will send your customer an email with a request to leave a review for your store. They would just need to click on a link in the email to do so.

The review is checked

The review of the customer is entered in our system and is first automated and then manually checked by our team. After that, the review you can unlock it.

A quick reminder

If your customer forgot chose not to write a review about your shop, we will send them a reminder in a preset period of time, and we will again ask them for feedback on their shopping experience with you.

Other customers benefit from the review

After the review is unlocked by you, visitors can see your shops rating in the review widget in your store, as well as on your profile page on the RatingChamp platform.

In a few minutes, the numeric star rating is fed and displayed into the widget.

Our integrations:

RatingChamp for xt:Commerce 4
RatingChamp for xt:Commerce 3
RatingChamp for Modified Shop
RatingChamp for WooCommerce
RatingChamp Custom integration

More questions about RatingChamp?

Yes, you can do this quite easily. You can use the free "Small Package" to try out Rating Champ. If your shop processes more than 30 orders a month, you can upgrade to the "Starter" or larger plans.

Once you have registered, you can use all functions of the free version immediately.

If you order a paid plan or upgrade from a free to a paid plan, it will take just a few minutes until you can use all additional features.

Currently we offer interfaces for xt:Commerce 4, xt:Commerce 3 Modified Shop and Gambio GX.

It is also possible to connect RatingChamp to your custom software. If you need detailed documentation of our interface for this purpose, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Definitely not. We offer interfaces designed for various shopping carts; these require a simple, hassle-free integration, which doesn't require any development skills.

The integration into a custom-developed software should be performed by a moderately skilled developer in a relatively short time with the help of our documentation. Contact us and we'll provide you some detailed information about this.

Contact us! It is quite possible that we are already working on an interface for your software, and we may also develop the interface for your system free of charge.

Absolutely. Get in touch with us and we will gladly send you a description of our API, as well as other information for developers, which allows for easy integration.

This depends on which provider you are currently using. We provide import scripts for some providers that allow to migrate the reviews in our system.

Contact us and we will discuss the issue in detail!

Yes. Not only that, but you can use the "Small" plan of RatingChamp that is permanently free, as long as the functions of our free plan suit your needs.

If you want to try our services or just want to see what our software looks like, simply register for our "Small" plan.

The duration of your contract corresponds to the period you have chosen the pay for in your order.

The contract can be terminated by both sides within a period of 30 days before its expiration. If the contract is not terminated within this period, it is automatically renewed for its original term but for more than 12 months for contracts with annual payments or 1 month for contracts billed monthly.

Our service receives the full name of the customer, as well as their gender, email address, order number and the language that the client is using.

All other data, for example, the contents of the shopping cart, the value of goods or the selected payment method is not transmitted to our service.

Currently we accept PayPal, Bank Transfer and credit card payments.